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NTC NefteGazDiagnostika LLC is a research and development center operating based on Rostekhnadzor License No. DE-00-010148 for industrial safety expert review and Russian FSB License GT 011700 for activities involving use of classified information.

Major activities:

  • Expert review of oil and gas facilities industrial safety, non-destructive inspection, technical diagnostics including water crossings diver inspection
  • Smart pigging of mainline and field oil and gas pipelines including offshore pipelines
  • Electrocorrosion inspection
  • Manufacturing of UKMT composite reinforcing sleeves for pipeline repair
  • Pipeline emergency and repair works
  • Surveying and mapping
  • Pipeline route development and maintenance
  • Standards, technical documentation and procedures development
  • Engineering and installation of pipeline and equipment technical condition monitoring systems at oil and gas facilities
  • Research and development

NTC NefteGazDiagnostika LLC has a certified non-destructive testing laboratory and electrical measurements laboratory.

Works and services offered by NTC NefteGazDiagnostika LLC per equipment types:

Pipelines and piping

Coating condition inspection:

  • Searching and locating pipeline axis in the field including underwater inspection
  • Identifying potentially hazardous segments and damaged coating areas, areas of pipeline wall metal removed by earth currents
  • Inspecting pipeline cathodic protection systems
  • Identifying the pipeline coating remaining life

Parent metal and welds inspection:

  • Acoustic emission inspection and pipeline metal defects isolation (weld cracks, yielding areas, metal thickness reduction, corrosion, holes)
  • Magnetic memory method inspection
  • Metal defects identification: visual inspection, UT, MPI, DPI, IT, radiographic and other non-destructive inspection methods

Inline inspection:

  • Pipeline cleaning
  • Pipeline gauging
  • Geometry inspection using an electronic geometry pig (EGP)
  • Pipeline MFL inspection using 3rd generation high resolution pigs (CDP)
  • AFD inspection to identify longitudinal defects with high resolution 2nd generation inspection pigs
  • GYRO-inspection to identify the pipeline axis and detected defects coordinates (XYZ)

Restoring pipeline normal operation:

  • Repairing all types of defects including penetration defects identified following inspections using UKMT composite sleeves (permanent repair method) including offshore pipelines

Industrial safety expert review:

  • Expert review of the technical documentation and the pipeline itself compliance to standards and technical documentation requirements
  • Remaining life calculation, strength and other calculations
  • Issuing opinions regarding future operation possibilities and timelines

Surveying and mapping:

  • Topographical surveying and mapping of the pipeline right-of-way with GPS references of the pipeline kilometer points
  • Developing as-built layouts in the scale of 1:500 -1:5000 specifying geographic coordinates of the identified pipeline defects
  • Developing as-built pipeline profiles
  • Setting out coordinates

Pipeline right-of-way development:

  • Right-of-way deforestation and clearing from growth
  • Installing fixing points and pipeline cathodic protection test posts

Tanks and pressure vessels

  • Industrial safety expert review
  • Acoustic emission monitoring including tank bottom leaks detection
  • Ultrasonic thickness measurement, ultrasonic testing, penetrant inspection, etc.
  • Identifying structure elements geometric parameters and vertical deviations and misalignments
  • Comprehensive calculations package including calculations of corrosion rate, strength, stability, and remaining life

Auxiliary works for technical diagnostics:

  • Providing motor vehicles including off-road transport
  • Communications support including satellite
  • Pits excavation/backfilling and the following land rehabilitation
  • Coating removal/restoring

Other works and services:

  • Standards, technical documentation and procedures development
  • Manufacturing of composite reinforcing sleeves for pipeline repair
  • Development, manufacturing and installation of underground pipeline technical condition acoustic emission monitoring systems (Patent 2207562)
"Bumi Armada Caspian LLC is satisfied with NTC Neftegazdiagnostika LLC performance and services provided during installation of the repair clamps and expresses its gratitude for ability to solve challenging and technically complex issues promptly and at high quality standart."
"...The field works were performed within short timeframes and of the highest professional quality; preliminary reports on the diagnostics’ results were also issued in a timely manner."
"The inline inspection of sections of the oil pipeline, in-field flow lines performed by “NTC “Neftegazdiagnostika”, LLC was of the highest quality, even though the project was very difficult."
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